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IMG_2244Mystic Fig Studio is an intimate recording space that offers good quality equipment, a well designed acoustic environment, and comfortable surroundings to facilitate creativity and musical performance. I have taken special care to design the rooms in the studio to have a good balanced sound. This is the foundation of good recording. I have carefully selected equipment that can faithfully capture a variety of musical styles.

I have 20 years experience as a recording engineer, mixer, and producer. As a musician, I understand the challenges artists face capturing a magical performance in the studio, and I always try to make musicians comfortable as they work. I try to bring both technical skill and artistic sensitivity to my work in the studio.

For solo artists and duos, I can also offer arrangement and backup musical services. I am skilled at drum programming, MIDI, and can add guitar and bass parts to your songs as needed.

I believe deeply in collaboration – I will do everything I can to insure that your recording project sounds the way you want it to, and that it will be polished and professional.

For information about the studio, rates, and scheduling, send me an email: jeff@mysticfig.com.


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  1. Hello,Jeff!

    Quick question: will there be open filking at Baycon 2015? I see no sign of it on the official website. Please advise.

    Thanks for all help, and for all your superb music!


    • Hi Peter – Baycon usually has good open filking, and a strong lineup of concerts. Hope to see you there.

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