Sax and violins (not necessarily in that order)

I’ve been very busy with lots of projects lately, and have been sadly delinquent in talking about them in social media (aka the other “reality”). One project that has taken a lot of my attention (in a good way) has been Sunnie Larsen’s debut album The Space between Notes. I started working seriously on arrangements and preproduction late last summer, and Sunnie came down from Seattle to track vocals and violins in December. The album is a beautiful collection of covers, parodies and a few originals, all with a science fiction/fantasy theme. Many of the usual suspects (for my projects) are contributing tracks, including Maya, Vixy Dockrey, Betsy Tinney and Mary Crowell. We just need a few tracks before I can start mixing, mainly some more cello tracks from Betsy, and sax from Chris French. I’m very excited with the performances and sound of this so far. Sunnie is a great performer, and an absolute delight to work with. Here’s a link to Sunnie’s Kickstarter for the project.

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