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In October, 2012, I wrote a guest piece on room acoustics for Dara Korra’ti’s studio DIY blog.


With Maya, I write, perform and record parodies, often using classic rock songs. Here are some links to videos I’ve made for several of them:

Midichlorian Rhapsody – Anakin’s descent to the dark side told succinctly in 6 minutes, with lots of harmony and power chords.

Come to Mordor – In which the Ringwraiths ask Frodo pretty please to accompany them to Barad-Dur.

Carry-Ons – be kind to your local flight attendant.

Wastin’ Away Again on Tatooine – they served margaritas in Jabba’s stronghold, didn’t they?

Every Mouse Just Wants to Rule the World – It’s the 80’s vs. the 90’s as Tears for Fears take on Pinky and the Brain.

We are the Cubs Fans – This song is 100% historically accurate, although many of my friends from Chicago wish it weren’t so.

Hangin’ Out at Cheers – I’m pretty sure Norm was a Steely Dan fan.

Lust on the Bridge – Apparently Star Fleet had no harassment policy in the 23rd century.


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