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Mary Crowell

I recorded my project Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Songs at Mystic Fig Studios with Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff and am absolutely delighted with the results. In fact I am about begin another project with Mystic Fig Studios in the spring 2015. I cannot wait!

Jeff Bohnhoff is an excellent professional recording engineer to work with for many reasons, but here are a few:

  • Before the project even begins he gives the client a set of questions that define his (Jeff’s) role(s) in the prospective project and address budget structure and scheduling, as well as helping the client define exactly how she or he wants the completed project to sound.
  • He is likeable and very good at making the client feel at ease and comfortable in his studio.
  • He is very organized and efficient and keeps meticulous notes and records as he goes. I had a release date planned, and he extrapolated when various stages of my project would need to be done in order to accomplish this. And we made the deadline with some time to spare. (Having time to spare had also been factored in.)

I love the sound he gets from my voice and the voices and instruments of the other musicians who come through his studio.

  • His WhisperRoom recording booth is comfortable and does a splendid job isolating sound without making the musician feel claustrophobic.
  • He uses tube traps to make sure he is capturing the best part of one’s sound.
  • His expertise and deftness with the software and hardware in his studio means that recording sessions are focused entirely on getting best possible performances from the artist.
  • He is an excellent musician in his own right with an exquisite ear.

On my project Jeff wore several hats. He was superb on all counts.

  • Recording engineer
  • Arranger
  • Side musician
  • Mix engineer
  • Producer

Maya Bohnhoff has a rich, warm, beautiful voice and a supernaturally brilliant sense of harmonies and musical styles.  My album was immeasurably enhanced by her vocals.

As I have already said I am entirely delighted with my experience at Mystic Fig and look forward to working with Maya and Jeff again!

Seanan McGuire

Jeff Bohnhoff is one of those engineers who is a pure joy to work with.  He’s patient, which helps a great deal, but also very knowledgeable both about his craft and about the music world in general.  When I say I want to do something “in the style of,” his response is to go out and educate himself on the tropes of the musical style, allowing for a better, more well-rounded sound on the recording.  There’s a reason I keep coming back to Mystic Fig when it’s time to record.  Working with Jeff is always professional and always easy, enough so that it sometimes doesn’t feel like work at all.  And that’s the best kind.


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